13 September, 2021

JMA Matriarchive in Resistance

White Box NY The JMA Matriarchive is a documentary collection preserved by the Mexican architect and author of Lebanese origin Josefina Mena Abraham. Between 1967 and […]
3 December, 2020


Wildness For Others Orders • Locuras para otros órdenes – Yohanna M Roa. curatorial project – 2020collective exhibition – visit exhibition here With the arrival […]
10 July, 2020

Into the Light: Behind-the scenes in NY City

New York Bus Terminal – Solo exhibition Nelson A. Gallardo By Yohanna M Roa – Curator Nelson A. Gallardo (Colombia 1981) had the opportunity to approach […]
24 March, 2020

open seam

The art world did not always hold it in high esteem because it associated textile art with domesticity and femininity, that is, with the decorative, handmade and manual work “women's work” that therefore did not imply the production of knowledge
24 March, 2020

Natures of a Happy World – Naturalezas de un Mundo Feliz

The Natures of a Happy World Exhibition is located in that substratum that has been transgressed and to which all individuals, including artists, are devoted daily in almost all human spheres.
24 March, 2020

between world’s – Entre Mundos

Life moves passes constantly and without stopping, the whole and the nothing are built and destroyed in the same act, often without spectators.
15 March, 2020

Territory under Discussion

This exhibition has the interest of approaching the La Tertulia Museum as a territory that is the sum of meanings and questions for a community in a given context: the city of Cali.
15 March, 2020

No Copy Right

No Copyright exhibition advocates an unconventional stance of the concept of "copy": it aims to sharpen the perception of everyday life, captured by the artist's eye, resignifying the value of an image and its copy in the digital times of "Copy & Paste",
15 March, 2020

Ephemeral interventions in public space

This curatorship was carried out as part of the CALCO - 2011 event, a project of ephemeral interventions was carried out in the public space in the city of Cali - Colombia.
15 March, 2020

Photo to the park

Ecoparque de la Bandera is a complex place where the exuberance of nature coexists, the coal mine and some buildings that have begun to invade this nature reserve.
2 December, 2019

!just ten pesos!

Gitte Bog reflects on the dramatic increase in the number of people selling in the subway, and the prices of some things have dropped
2 December, 2019

Prophetic Acts

The collective school of vagrants has made a series of facilities on purpose for CALCO 2010, taking as reference the points made by the Mayans, who prophesy the destruction of the world in 2012.
1 December, 2019


Behaviors was a curatorial project that was carried out in Mexico City in the Pino Suarez Metro, the Museum of Modern Art of Bucaramanga and...
27 November, 2019

The view

The View exhibition is conceived from the image of a tower like those seen frequently in ancient China. From these towers a wide perspective of the environment ...
26 November, 2019

Mudanza – moving home

The Mono Tm collective has been interested in the possibility of resizing everyday space and collusion in an artistic event, allowing the process of life that occurs in space and time to cause events and objects to constitute life itself as art.