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I am a visual artist, curator and art historian with a feminist-decentralized approach and archival perspectives. My practices aspire to produce changes in how we reflect, organize, and write about the past, particularly the history of art and our bodies. Being a Latin American woman is a specific political and social framework within this historical-conceptual construction that mediates my world experience. My work focuses on activating decolonial processes; the goal is to rescue or point out the memories, the knowledge and even the hidden or obscured bodies in the history writing processes. Traditionally, women have inherited knowledge through words and teaching in everyday spaces such as cooking or sewing.

I define my artistic practices under the concept of "activist fabrics," where textile practices are feminist political action devices. I am interested in pointing out that everyday activities and spaces, such as food, decoration, and care, are places to rescue stories connected to events of social magnitude. Those spaces and memories allow me to put on the table the connections between personal experiences and the sociopolitical structures, showing that the spaces considered individual and disconnected are actually social and structural.


- PHD History and Critical Theory of Art. Universidad Iberoaméricana de México. Meritorious Thesis 2023
- MA Program in Women's and Gender Studies – CUNY, at Graduade Center. 2024
- MA in Visual Arts . UNAM CDMX 2010
- DEGREE: Master in Fine Arts. INDEBA - Colombia 2005 Meritorious Thesis
- ESPECIALIZACIÓN Screenwriting for Cinema and Television. Secretariat of Public Education CDMX 2006 Diploma
- Anthropology of Art. SIESAS – LATIR. CDMX 2017
- Mexico an anthropological issue. Urban Ethnography Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana 2004 CDMX
- General Education Degree. Central Piedmont Community College. Charlotte NC. USA. 2011


- National Stimulus Scholarship for Creators. Ministry of Culture of Colombia 2013
- CONACYT Scholarship - Mexico
- CONACYT mixed scholarship

Artist residencies

- PTM-NYLLAAT Artists-in-Residence Program. May 5th to June 25th, 2023. Governors Island
- Earth day Celebration. Artist in Residency. Feb-May 8th 2023
- NARS Foundation NYC. July - Sep 2019
- Calpulli Tecalco. January - Dic 2018. Atocpan México

Solo Exhibitions

2024 2024 Vision and Presence. Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, Madrid. Yohanna M. Roa, Pocahontas y la Malinche. Performance Cycle.
2023 The Vance Waddell Residence, Yohanna M Roa: The New Historiographic Atlas, Documents And Portraits. Wave Pool Gallery Cincinnati, OH. Solo exhibition.
2022 Textile Woman. ArtLatinou Gallery. Mexico City / MACO.
2020 The Past Instructions for its Use. Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati. Selection by jury.
2020 The Past Instructions for its Use - La Bodega Gallery - NYC
2019 Geographies: the journey to Malacachtepec Momoxco. Calpulli Tecalco. Mexico.
2018 The Past Instructions for its Use. Valenzuela Klener Gallery. Bogota ArtBo weekend
... and we could escape the words. University House of the UANL Book. Monterrey
2017 The Earth Is Flat. Cultural Center Mexiquence Bicentenario. Mexico state.
2015 RED The Roldán Plaza Circle. G&B Mexico DF
2014 FAITH OF ERRATS. Proartes Cali
2013 HABITAT. Exhibition hall Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali
2012 EDEN. Cultural Center of Cali

Publications About My Work

- Manifest Exhibition Annual Season 17. Solo Show Yohanna M Roa. 2023. Cincinnati OH. English
- Review by ERIN L. MCCUTCHEON PHD, Re-Shaping the Sugar. English 2023
- (Re)-Generating Narratives ans Imaginaries. Women In Dialogue. Kaluz Museum. CDMX 2022
- CALCO, Plataforma, Redes e Intermediaciones. Impulso, Difusión e Intercambio, Desde las Prácticas Artisticas Contemporaneas" By Rocio Cárdenas Pacheco. Spanish 2023
- Natalia de la Rosa: Yohanna M Roa, Textile Woman. Casa del Tiempo Magazine. 2022. spanish
- Review By Samuel Espindola JMA Matriarchive in Resistance. ArtReview City. English
- Revaluing Feminine Trajectories and Stitching Alternative Genealogies in the Work of Yohanna M. Roa. By Karen Cordero R. The CAA 2021. Anual Conference. English
- The Past Instructions for Its Use. H-ART. N 251- January-June 2020, 351 pp. pp. 242-251 - Magazine of the Department of Art History Universidad de Los Andes -Colombia, Karen Cordero Reiman. 020 Art. Spanish
- Arte Camara / International Art Fair of Bogota - Arbo / Catalog and Guide / Bogotá / 2012
- Six Lines of Flight. Shifting Geographies in contemporary art / San Francisco Museum of Modern Art / USA / 2012 (work with the collective Helena Producciones)
- Ojo cautivado / Picnic, Cultural Magazine, volume 25 / Mexico City / January 2009/ Artículo Luz Sepulveda


- The Another Artscape, Here and There. WhiteBox NY. - The Braid - La trenza. WhiteBox NY. A Collective Feminist Curatorial
2023 - Taller Boricua, From ArtWorkers Coalitions Through Today
- Re-shaping the sugar. Caribbean artists in NY. WBX NY
- Taller Boricua, From Art Workers Coalitions through today
- Deshilar la Revolución Cotidiana. Textile Exhibition. Museo la Tertulia, Cali Colombia
- Piel Es. Textile Exhibition. Museo la Tertulia, Cali Colombia
- Matriarchive In Resistance

Art Criticism and Writing

• Review about three solo Shows at A.I.R. Gallery on WhiteHot Magazine. Maxine Henryson, Zoila Andrea Coc-Chang (鄭慧蘭) and Keli Safia Maksud
• PEREMOGA /victory/ukr. at WhiteBox. WhiteHot Magazine. Review by Yohanna M Roa. Eng
• Tramas de Resistencia. Ponencia. Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas UNAM. Link video-grabación ver Información general
• Carolina Caycedo and David de Rozas, MoMA Projects. Review by Yohanna M. Roa Art Nexus Magazine. Eng and Spanish
• A Crack in the Hourglass, An Ongoing COVID-19 Memorial. Rafael Lozano Hammer. Review by Yohanna M Roa. ARTNEXUS Magazine. Eng.
• Latin American Artists at the New Museum Art Triennial. Review By Yohanna M Roa. Art Nexus
• Territorio en Discusión. Ponencia Yohana M Roa. VII International Seminar on Public Art in Latin America – Nov 2021. PUBLIC ART CONSTELLATIONS: contexts, landscapes, knowledge. Spanish. Pag 480.
• INES – Matriarchiva. Intersectional Expanded System – Sistema Interseccional Expandido, de Yohanna M. Roa. Archivos, mujeres, géneros y derechos Humanos (Archives, women, genders and human rights)Including a chapter about Josefina Mena collection and the feminist methodology to create matriarchives: INES, intersectional Expanded system. Edited by Archivo Nacional de Chile. Spanish.
• Quarantine Project. Wildness for others orders. XVI Congreso Internacional Diversidad y cruces del Arte. Simposio Archivo de voces: Poéticas del Confinamiento. 2021 Link video-grabación

lectures and Conferences

ICAG International Conference On Architecture And Gender. Lecture Lia Gil Antunes and Yohanna M. Roa. Valencia-Spain. 03-10-2023.
2021 - Lecture: Territory under discussion. Curatorial project developed for the exterior architectural areas and spaces surrounding the La Tertulia Museum - Cali, Colombia. VII International Seminar on Public Art in Latin America. Constelaciones Del Arte Público: contextos, paisajes, saberes
- Master Conference: "Intersectional fabrics" Transdisciplinarity in artistic practices. V International Research Colloquium in Visual Arts.Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala
- Conference: "An emerging methodology to create the Josefina Mena Abraham Archive", Seminario de aplicaciones (im)prácticas a las teorías de género. Ibero-American University of Mexico.
-Lecture: QUARANTINE PROJECT – PROYECTO CUARENTENA. Artistic interventions in private and personal spaces. Yohanna M Roa. Congress, Diversity and Crosses in Art. Limits and Borders. Ibero-American University of Mexico.
- Conference: INES - Intersectional Expanded System I Expanded intersectional system. Archival practices, Yohanna M Roa. MUAC-UNAM. Mexico 2019- Lecture. "Transverse Line: City and Body Writings". "Radical Women”: Critical Perspectives on a Landmark Exhibition. SEAC (Southeastern College Art Conference) - Tennessee. 2019
- Workshop: Human Rights Archives. Cultural Area of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia. 2019
- Lecture 16 FORUM OF HISTORY AND CRITICISM OF THE MODERN ARCHITECTURE. Autonomous University of Yucatan. Mérida 2018 Mexico
- Workshop: Personal memory configuration. Cultural Area of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia. 2018
- Conference: Seminar: Approaches to contemporary artistic practices. 2/8/18 Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Faculty of Visual Arts / Postgraduate
- Conference: Public space as a possibility and sense of Community. 2 ENCRYM Urban Art Meeting. XI 2016 CDMX
- Conference: Dialogues on experiences in Educational Intervention. Pedagogical University of Morelos. Mexico 2015.

Group exhibitions

2024 2023
- Follow The Thread, Raul Zamudio Gallery Projects, New York City.
- Dynamic museums. Teoretica, San José Costa Rica.
- Re-generating… narratives and imaginaries. Women in dialogue. MUMA, Sonora.
- Xaltilolli. Memories, arts and resistance, space for the construction of historical interpretations. Tlatelolco University Cultural Center. Rotation of the permanent collection.
2022 - Kaluz Museum. Re)generando… narrativas e imaginarios. Mujeres en diálogo. Group Exhibition
- Renombrar el mundo: Expediciones botánicas en la Nueva España, del Centro Cultural Tlatelolco. Commissioned work. Group Exhibition
- Off The Cloth. WhiteBox NY
2021 Reconfiguration: Textile as Textuality. Exhibition, at MUMA, Mexico City
2021Resilencias Tejidas. Atlatinou Gallery. México City
2019 Ven y cuéntame la verdá: de la bandeja paisa... al último suflé. Valenzuela Klener Gallery. Bogotá – Colombia
- Behind the Seen. NARS Foundation. New York.
2018 Art and Textiles The Walnut Club. Ana Restrepo del Corral Foundation.
2016 Natures of a Happy World / Collective exhibition / Cultural Center of Cali. April 2016
2015 HIDDEN ART Along Göta channel. Östergötland Sweden. Public Art. Meteor Project
2013 X TEN. Raúl Anguiano Museum, Guadalajara Jalisco - Gallery Sector Reforma
- Women's Scenarios - Luz y Oficios Gallery - Habana Cuba Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design
2012 LATIN AMERICAN PRESENCE. Veracruzano Institute of Culture. Xalapa Veracruz
- ARTBO - Corferias Chamber Art Bogotá Colombia

2016 Editorial work
- Antonio Caro Postcards Book / Book edition and exhibition curatorship / Cali Departmental Library.
- Book No Copyright - Special Edition


-Personal and Community Archives. Swiss Institute, NY, 2023

- The power Mask. El Centro Hispano. June 13th 2023, Arts Westchester.

- Collages workshop. Arts Westchester, 2023.

- The Power of Words. Arts and Activism. Westchester Youth Alliance. 2023

- Costumes Workshop. Earth day Celebration. Mara 8 – May 13th, 2023

- Workshop: Personal memory configuration. 6,7, and February 8, 2018. Secretary of Extension and Culture and Management of University Publishing. University House of the UANL Book

- Workshop: Community Archives - Personal Archives October 2017. Cultural Area of the Banco de la República. Cali, Colombia

- Are there collections without public? The social relations that make up the collections. / Clinic taught / Alameda Art Laboratory. 2016

- Workshop: Cali Live Document. Cultural Area of the Bank of the Republic. Cali, Colombia. VII –VIII 2016
Yohanna M Roa. Photo by Antonio Juárez Caudillo